What does ’embedding skills’ in the curriculum mean to you?

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Below are some contrasting replies received to a staff survey asking this question; what are your thoughts?

The ‘curriculum’ becomes more flexible and holistic if ‘skills’ are related to the innate processes of the discipline and re-introduced at key stages and as part of the continuingdevelopment of theindividual’s profile.

For undergrads that come straight from formal education, it means that their formal education has been insufficient… they miss out on subject content and higher academic skills whilst academics teach them the difference between ‘weather’and ‘whether’.

In my subject, specific skills are developed as an integral part of the curriculum. Repetition and repeated explanation of these skills occur in different topics of the curriculum. This helps to ‘embed’ the skills as a part of the learning process.

It means cutting back on genuine academic content. It also means patronising our students, 18-21 year old students, with Mickey Mouse bullshit they’ve already learned in school and patronising our mature students by treating them like school kids.