Sociolinguistics (AIE2109)

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Initiator/s   Dr Jim O’Driscoll/Dr Pat Hill
Rationale This module focuses on how the kind of language we use can vary according to such factors as the geographical or social background of the speaker, the formality or informality of the speech situation and the purpose of the speech event. In addition, it considers how the identity of speakers is represented in part by the way in which they use language, and how speakers interact with others in order to achieve particular conversational goals. The course introduces relevant research and theories within the field and provides the necessary knowledge and skills to be able to carry out successful research in this area of language study.
Description of Initiative Although most lecture slots are traditionally content based, followed by discussion in seminars, two lecture slots at appropriate times are given over to the Academic Skills Tutor to cover the development of research and writing skills. The first is on different methodologies and approaches to empirical research and the second explains how to present findings. Although in a lecture slot, students are encouraged to contribute and discuss their specific projects and to help each other in working out solutions to perceived problems.
Assessment Formative: Plan and bibliography for research project 

Summative: 3000 word Language project 2 hour exam

Ideas for adapting Making space within a lecture series to teach specific skills which are timely and relevant for the particular assignment set and allowing for peer discussion of perceived challenges.