Science Skills (SPX1008)

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School Applied Sciences
Module Title Science Skills (SPX1008)
Level BSc Science Pre-Foundation Course
Initiator Dr Robert Allan
Rationale This course challenges students to take responsibility for their own learning through an understanding of what is expected of them and through reflection on their own strengths and weaknesses.
Description of Initiative Although not fully embedded, this module uses relevant materials from different disciplines to prepare students for undergraduate level study. Students are encouraged to reflect on how they use evidence and how they assess its quality and reference it. They are given information and set a task. They are also taken through the stages of critiquing a research paper to develop their critical thinking skills and awareness of academic conventions. All of their exercises are recorded in a learning diary in which they are encouraged to reflect. This module is taught as part of the personal tutorial system with material supplied by the module leader and is a good foundation for a PDP.
Assessment Learning Diary (30%)

Essay (40%)

Group presentation and report (30%)

Ideas for adapting The Learning Diary requires all students to engage with the weekly tasks and to reflect on that engagement. Starting with a skills audit, it challenges students to provide evidence of development in several areas.