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Embedding Skills is ‘Putting theory into Practice’

Academic perceptions

“Simulation is a core process that to me allows me as a professional to identify that my students are able to link theory to their practice and are fit for purpose when out in the practical environment.”
“Ensuring that where related skills are required by the student who may also be a practitioner  that they are built in with supporting Theory and Practice at the  appropriate point in the programme.”
“In professional or practice discipline curricula, it means the integration of ‘practice  with theory’ {(‘practice (skills) to theory’)} and the linkage of ‘theory to practice’ -Bridging the theory-practice and practice-theory gap.”

Learner Developers’ views

There is a theory to being in HE which is put into practice, apart from the course content, through the learning
Making what is alien, natural  (or distancing what is ‘natural’ to others and making that OK)
Decontextualised ‘skills’ make no sense to students and leave them de-skilled and disempowered
Deconstructing and reconstructing within the discipline = skilled and empowered students.
It’s the difference between giving a referencing handbook and saying ‘learn this’, and considering why we reference at all.