Professional Skills and Legal Method (BFL0064)

Course Level, Editing, Employability, Foundation, Group work, Oral presentation, Presentation, Producing an argument, Reflection, Reflective writing, Report, Role Play, Seminar, Workshop
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Initiator Vince Pescod
Rationale A module which introduces students to the two main areas of legal skills, namely, Legal Method, which includes principles of interpretation, precedent and legal research in Term  and in Term 2 Professional Skills which includes advocacy, interviewing, presentation, writing, drafting and IT skills.  Only Term 2 is included here.
Description of Initiative This module is delivered via weekly two hour workshops. Although much of the material is very specifically law oriented, the practical, hands on methods, particularly those in Term 2, can be applied generically. Students are given a detailed course manual which sets out any preparatory exercises, material for the workshop and what they need to do next. Preparatory exercises include research and small tasks. There is also a tutor pack to promote consistency.
Assessment Term 2 

  1. the submission of a Personal Workshop File comprising 25% of the final marks and
  2. an assessed power-point presentation comprising 25% of the overall final marks.
Ideas for adapting Although this module is clearly law oriented, the use of workshops with clear guidance and preparation notes involving practical individual and group activities and a requirement for organisation and reflection is adaptable to any discipline.