Practice and Research 11(AID2104)

Course Level, Critical thinking, Editing, Essay writing, Intermediate, Producing an argument, Reading, Reflection, Reflective writing, Research, Seminar, Time management, Workshop
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Initiator/s Dr Deborah Middleton
Rationale This module introduces some of the complexities of the relationship between dramatic performance and discourse. Students have the opportunity to develop awareness of their own practice in relation to contemporary performance practices.Students are presented with critical analysis of contemporary performance which they interpret and respond to, in turn analysing and critically reflecting upon their own work.
Description of Initiative Practice & Research II is a compulsory module for all drama students and runs/develops across their three years of undergraduate study.Students explore theory of practice that feeds into and from practical modules (AID2105 Performance Making A or AID2306 Practice Analysis A).A core feature of this module is the creation of a working portfolio, designed to encourage students to locate their own practice in the context of the field and in so doing develop an individual and reflective relationship to practice.Students are expected to attend performances and related seminars, taught by university staff and visiting lecturers from associated theatre groups.
Assessment Formative: 1x portfolio of notes pertaining to 4 performances 1x 300-500 word reflection proposal 1x proposal for symposium contribution 

Summative: Practice as Research Portfolio (5000 words): 1x 1500 reflection on contemporary performance seen 1x 2000 reflection on work from AID 2105 Performance Making 1x 1500 equivalent response to performance practice as negotiated with tutor

Ideas for adapting The symposium model (collaboration with all year 3 subject lecturers and AST) – The yr 2 call for papers connects students back to poster research carried out in yr 1 and feeds into the Research Project in yr 3

See attachments:

Research stages

Template to document reactions to live performance

Example of symposium proposal