Politics, Society and Media (AFC1103)

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School Music, Humanities and Media
Module Title Politics, Society and Media (AFC1103)
Level Foundation
Initiator Dr Martin Cooper/Dr Pat Hill
Rationale This module introduces key theoretical perspectives on the structure of society and the social role of the mass media in the British context; key world affairs issues are also explored. Through lectures, seminar activities and debates it encourages students to explore the society in which we live and to recognise how political issues (local, regional, national and international) and the media can affect the way we live our lives.
Description of Initiative This module is a core module for all first year media students. The module has been written specifically to include teaching input and practical exercises in academic skills such as research and reading skills, note-making, oral presentations, essay writing and editing.
Assessment Formative – mind-map/oral presentation/annotated bibliography/debate presentation 

Summative – I,500 word essay, 2 hour exam.

Ideas for adapting Links to Academic skills material on specific topics in Blackboard for tutors and students to access at relevant times. AST/lecturer gives input at appropriate times e.g.10 minutes at the end of a lecture to discuss notes taken and what to do with them; lecture on using sources; mind-map exercise on how to dissect a topic. Group presentation of mind-maps. Peer feedback on short oral presentations. Build up to summative essay. Final draft handed in but students are then taught in a seminar how to edit and can resubmit. Many topics are covered by in-class debates.
Links to resources http://mhm.hud.ac.uk/academic-skills/methodsof_notemaking.html