Personal development and creativity (BIO0112)

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Initiator/s Ralph Rollins
Rationale Creativity is one of the most essential of all human talents.It is often said that creativity is the enabling force of our society. Providing us with the capacity to adapt, to take advantage of the changing world around us. 

When reflecting upon past success or some impending calamity “it’s a changing world” is a commonly heard phrase. Having accepted the condition of constant change and the need to adapt to it, success in the future requires new models. Current opinion suggests that these models need to be based upon people, their knowledge, experience and ingenuity. Harnessing these resources, stimulating individual and organisational creativity is now the focus of much management effort. The aim of this module is to provide an insight into these activities.

Description of Initiative Term One   Initial elements of the modules content provide an insight into creativity, how it can be encouraged, enhanced and sustained. Formal presentation of materials, case study exercises and role plays are used to introduce the topic. Mind mapping, brainstorming, affinity analysis and lateral thinking are key techniques explored and put into practice. In subsequent weeks of the term a “mini” group project is undertaken whilst the topic areas of project and risk management, group working, running effective meetings, decision-making and setting up CIT based recording, control and communication structures are introduced and practiced. Before the end of the term student groups decide upon and formally present their project proposals and plans for the event, product or publication they will manage to completion in term two. 

Term Two   In this term student activity is focused upon completion of their group projects. Working to an agreed schedule each group member leads, manages and is responsible for the project for a specific period. Project work over this time is supported by seminars & workshops where the skills, tools and techniques introduced in the first term are further developed and applied.   At the end of term the students will build a show/marketing stand where they will present their project work. This will be judged and the mark awarded will provide the final group work mark.

Assessment Individual learning log-50% Group assessment-presentation and report
Ideas for adapting Formal academic input provides students with appropriate theoretical knowledge but to enhance this, a range of case studies, role plays, decision-making, problem solving and action learning exercises are used. Students use video and audio equipment and IT presentation packages.