Music, History and Culture 1 (AFM1906)

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Initiator/s Dr Lisa Colton
Rationale This module aims to reinforce and contextualise students’ diverse musical interests, providing a solid framework for optional modules in year 2 and the independent research options in year 3. Embedded in this module are relevant skills in research, written work and critical thinking.
Description of Initiative This compulsory module for all BMus students links to MHC 2 and Research Project/Dissertation in yr 3.Students cover 5 project areas (The First Composers/Renaissance and Reformation/ Music in 17th Century England/The Italian Baroque Concerto/ The Symphonies of Mozart and Haydn)taught by subject specialist lecturers– each project consists of 1 keynote, 2 linked lectures and 2 tutor-led seminars in the pattern lecture-seminar-lecture-seminar.   Students learn to understand the basis of the discipline of musicology and its concerns, gaining a sense of musico-historical perspective and an understanding of musico-stylistic change and development.Students are taught to construct ‘articulate, reasoned, well structured and convincing argument[s], in spoken and written form… drawing on a range of source materials, and supported by appropriate evidence’.
  • Annotated bibliography – 500 words (formative)
  • Essay – 1000 words (summative)
  • Group seminar presentation – 10 minutes (summative)
  • Essay – 2000 words (summative)
Ideas for adapting
  • Handouts (Lisa Colton) for in-seminar work
  • Setting questions to a reading text – developing paraphrasing and notetaking skills/critical thinking/referencing/recognising and developing ideas or opinion.
  • Quotation and paraphrasing
  • Seminar leading and presentation skills
  • Essay structuring (copies of anonymous ex-students’ work are used)

Tutor led but the AST delivers 10/15 minute sessions in seminars. Direct reference is made to the Academic Skills Website and site.AST 1:1s encouraged as follow-ups to the embedded skills sessions.

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