MSC Marketing Professional Practice (BMK026)

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School Business
Module Title MSc Marketing Professional Practice BMK026
Level   PG
Initiator/s Giles Forbes, Halina Harvey, Gillian Byrne
Rationale To develop reflective skills for assessment
Description of Initiative Used a variety of taught sessions to scaffold the writing process. Technology was used in the form of a blog for formative writing practice. Contributions to the blog were stimulated through class activities and weekly reviews gave students ongoing feedback. Written feedback was provided by the subject tutor and the LDG tutors in the form of an annotated summary of contributions.
  1. An individual reflective learning log (all learning outcomes) c2500 words –   50%
  2. An individual personal development portfolio (all learning outcomes) c2500 words– 50%
Ideas for adapting Create private or public blog within blackboard VLE to monitor progress towards assessment. Instigate contributions through class teaching. Review formative writing and give regular global feedback.
Links to Resources QAA standards for subject area – available online 

Examples of literature reviews – subject specific, subject tutor to provide

Presentations guidelines – don’t read your papers please!

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