Learning Strategies and Styles (DFB2220)

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School School of Education and Professional Development
Module Title DFB2220 Learning Strategies and Styles
Level Foundation
Initiator Jane Mullen
Rationale This module introduces students to some of the key learning styles and learning theories that they will  need not only as a basis for their classroom practice, but also as base theories used in many other modules.

The module is designed to also give the students the opportunity to develop and practise a range of academic skills.

Description of Initiative To bring together an introductory module to both academic skills and key learning theories. The module allows the students to practise a range of academic skills and to start to evaluate the importance of theories to practice. Although the students produce an essay this is broken down into component parts and the group presentation is used as a way of developing reflective practice

To encourage collaborative  working with the Wiki and group work



2,000 word essay (60%)

10 minute group presentation (40%)

Ideas for adapting To use a range of more ‘populist’ media selecting one topic (You tube, tabloid and broadsheet press) to show the students how they are already critical thinkers and then move onto a journal article on the same subject. Students then develop a piece of academic writing based on the journal using a wiki

Oral presentations students- peer assessment sheets are read by each group and the comments are discussed in written reflection.

Exercises on referencing and plagiarism that are taken from key texts used in the module

Links to Resources http://www.writing.utoronto.ca/advice/reading-and-researching/critical-reading