Introduction to English Literature (AFE1208)

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School Music, Humanities and Media
Module Title Introduction to English Literature (AFE1208)
Level Foundation
Initiator Dr Sarah Falcus
Rationale This module allows students to gain a general introduction to studies in English literature. In it students will consider both the social and cultural aspects of literature as well as gaining practical analytical experience.Students engage with literary texts from the main genres (prose, verse and drama) and build a preliminary understanding of how literary theory is applied to the analysis of literary texts.
Description of initiative Weekly seminars focus on a topic in English Literature Studies as well as a particular academic skill, such as reflective writing, presentations skills and using feedback.Students are also explicitly encouraged to apply the skills developed in this module across their other modules.
Assessment Formative Assessment: Poster Presentation. 

Summative Assessment: Portfolio of work equivalent to 2000 words. Portfoliois likely to includeshort analytical essays and written reflection on learning.   Analytical Essay, 2000 words. This essay tests the students’ capacity to undertake close practical analysis of literary texts from a range of genres

Ideas for adapting Lecturer delivers input on study skills during seminars, adapting materials and resources from ASTs. Reflective blogs are used as a mechanism for reflecting on presentation skills and assessment feedback.
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