Integrated Learning Portfolio (AFX1103)

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Initiator Dr Sarah Falcus
Rationale The module encourages students to take a holistic view of the programme of study, understanding and using links between modules, developing academic skills and using computer skills to become effective independent learners.Students are encouraged to become reflective in their work and learning, and be critical in decision making and thinking.
Description of initiative This module is run through 6 workshops, spread over 2 terms, and a series of weekly online activities.Students are explicitly encouraged to reflect on the academic skills developed in their other core modules via reflective blogs.
Resources See below
Assessment Reflective Portfolio (equivalent to 4000 words) evidencing : ·Understanding own learning process ·Competency in academic skills applied in other areas as an individual and team member ·Organised reflection on learning
Ideas for adapting Workshops are team-taught by lecturer and AST. Workshop on ‘Search Strategies’ from Academic Librarian. Reflective blogs provide an opportunity for formative feedback on reflection from tutor. Portfolios are compiled electronically using EXPO-LX in Blackboard. At the end of term 1 students are asked to self-assess their portfolios against the assessment criteria