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Embedding Skills is Integrated

Academic perceptions

It can mean different things according to context…but the word ’embedding’ implies that something is to be integrated, not added on at the end or done separately.
 “Teaching skills as part of academic modules in a particular subject area rather than teaching them in a generic skills module or through additional support mechanisms such as Academic Skills Tutors.
This would mean to me that skills are integrated into a curriculum from start to finish so they have core value and presence in all individual modules that make up the curriculum.


Learner Developers’ views

Things to consider:
  • How the academic delivers content
  • Trade-off content vs skills
  • Students operate at different levels
  • Student as producer [rather than receiver]

Successful integration requires:

  • Shared belief and motivation (and energy)
  • Relevance to discipline, culture and content
  • Making connections –   students <-> content
  • Staff <-> student learning process
  • Staff <-> staff
  • The means – adequate resources
  • A holistic approach