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Embedding Skills is Integrated

Academic perceptions

“…the skills component is not, in general, learnt separately to the content but is an implicit part of the content. The skills component might be more explicitly drawn out at various stages, but certainly wouldn’t be learnt on its own to start with, and wouldn’t be given extra space in the curriculum (e.g. a study skills module).”
“To me it means providing transferable skills invisibly within the curriculum.”
“It means ensuring they are there. But it may be implicit rather than explicit.”
“If skills are truly embedded students shouldn’t be aware that they are learning them, as opposed to the subject material, and the delivery should be by the core academic staff.”
“…the coursework and exercises in the curriculum would act as incubation and development of specific skills, not necessarily explicitly.”
“It means that the curriculum is written in such a way that the skills needed to achieve the overall learning outcomes/specific standards are identified and made transparent.”
“It allows the course content to become more transparent.”


Learner Developers’ views

Ways to interpret Implicit & Explicit:
  • Implicit need for knowledge and means    to communicate it are inseperable
  • Be explicit about course expectations/assessment so as to enable students to articulate own skills
  • Need for both implicit and explicit at strategic points
We don’t agree with implicit:
Students should know explicitly what they are learning so that skills will be transferable
Teaching skills by stealth? Transition from implicit to explicit is part of the  learning process towards articulation of personal skills
Reflection is vital in identifying transferable skills