History Study Skills (AFH 1001)

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School Music, Humanities and Media
Module Title AFH1001 History Study Skills
Level Foundation
Initiator/s Dr Pat Hill
Rationale This module is designed to support learning in history modules across the three years of the degree. It runs in the first term of the first year and combines generic academic skills such as researching, writing and critical thinking, with those specific to history such as analysis of primary historical documents. It is designed to engage students in developing their academic skills through practice and reflection.
Description of Initiative In the first week of term students (approx. 60) have a whole day devoted to skills. This takes them though the stages in approaching a piece of academic work. It uses the RAWE approach to essay writing (Research, Application, Writing, Editing) which mirrors the design of the School academic skills website (see links below). Working in groups they use a formative assignment from one of their modules on which they are given some input. After an intro to Summon, they are given an hour in the library to gather information (see also Library info trail done in induction week). After more input from the AST on critical thinking, and oral presentation skills they are given time to put together a short presentation which they deliver to another group. Peer evaluation follows facilitated by academic staff. After input on essay planning and writing they are given time to produce a plan and an introduction for their formative piece. This is followed by a Q & A session. There are no lectures in this module but each personal tutor has a seminar group where aspects of skills are covered using material from the modules and feeding into formative work. The AST is the module leader and assessor.
Assessment Reflective Blog and a portfolio which consists of a reflective essay and evidence of learning and development.
Ideas for adapting Frontloading skills 

Reflective blog and portfolio

AST input

Personal tutor involvement

Links to Resources http://mhm.hud.ac.uk/academic-skills/