English Language Dissertation Module (AHE 3902)

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Level Honours
Initiator/s Dr Jim O’Driscoll/Dr Pat Hill
Rationale The aim of this module is to allow students to produce an extended piece of work which is more independent of formal teaching than other modules and requires a longer and more sustained effort. It allows the study of one area of English Language/Linguistics in depth, using research and working methods appropriate to the chosen subject. It will necessarily involve considerable engagement with the relevant secondary material as well as detailed analysis of primary sources.
Description of Initiative All students have access to an individual supervisor but in addition to this four workshops are spread throughout the year at relevant points. A possible agenda for the workshops is sent out but this is open to negotiation depending on what students feel would be beneficial. The workshops have input from the module tutor, the subject librarian and the AST
Ideas for adapting A series workshops at appropriate times covering a range of topics negotiated with students. Topics covered include:

  • research skills general
  • reading at degree level
  • general intro on note making
  • example of mind map
  • more on visual planning
  • annotated bibliography
  • literature review
  • critical thinking
  • developing an argument
  • main points on essay writing
  • structure
  • referencing
  • avoiding plagiarism
  • editing
Links to Resources http://mhm.hud.ac.uk/academic-skills/research.html