Accountants in Organisations(BFA0042)

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Initiator/s John English, Chris Ireland
Rationale This module introduces students to some of the contexts in which accounting operates, and the impact on accountants of organisations, markets and society. It provides an introduction to the accountancy profession, the business entity, the public sector, and other bodies. The module has the second objective of starting the process of preparing students for employment (and placement). It aims to help them to identify and evaluate their current skill position, so enabling them to set targets through the PDP process and to plan action to achieve intended outcomes.
Description of Initiative Accountants in Organisations marries together practical, real world exercises and simulations with academic skills through a portfolio. Input is given on formal writing (letters, essays, reports and a CV) and these skills are developed through frequent writing exercises; oral presentation skills are developed through role play and opportunities to work on group tasks. There is a strong emphasis on reflection and developing self -awareness.
Assessment Group presentation 50% Reflective Portfolio 50% (Final Reflection 30%, Portfolio elements 20%)
Ideas for adapting Voting pad session on plagiarism.

Formation of a fictitious company (G.R.Adco Ltd.) to which students apply for placement positions. For the first five weeks students are creating a ‘baseline’ through a series of self assessment and writing exercises while also preparing the CV and covering letter for the application. Reflection via ‘Review and Summary’ forms leading to a portfolio which is linked to PDP and employability. The CV writing also feeds into the academic writing as the second short writing exercise requires the students to write a 500 word academic report about its design.   Discussion of different types of reading at University.