Academic Skills and Computer-Aided Design (TFD1128)

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School School of Art, Design and Architecture
Module Title Academic Skills and Computer-Aided Design
Level   Foundation
Initiator   Dr Amanda Tinker, Andrew Taylor
Rationale   This module aims to equip first year Fashion, Textile Buying, Management, Retailing students with key academic and CAD/IT skills for their course and beyond, including teamwork, time management, information literacy, referencing, oral presentation and writing skills.  Although this is a separate study skills module,  there has been a conscious effort to closely align the tasks and assignments to students’ subject discipline and typical workplace scenarios. The two parts of the module (Academic Sklls and CAD) are also connected through related assignments.
Description of Initiative To encourage students to recognise links between the Academic Skills and CAD parts of the module and view their learning holistically, the tutors share the delivery of the first two sesssions to outline the programme and related assessment tasks.  The two parts of the module then separate in their delivery but tutors still collaborate closely to ensure and signpost connections.  The academic skills part of the module combines lectures, group activities and practical workshops, with a related team wiki task for independent study each week. Students are split into teams of four, each having their own PBWorks wiki with a link from the VLE, and work in these teams for the entire module.  The CAD part of the module is workshop driven and students keep a reflective blog, documenting their skills development and learning.   The team wiki and individual blog underpin the module and feed into both formative and summative assessment.
Assessment Both the academic skills and CAD aspects of the module have their own assignments; however, these are connected by students applying the same team role and allocated brand in each task.

Formative – A team presentation on an allocated retailer’s brand identity.  Students are given a problem-base scenario (devised in collaboration with a subject tutor) and work as a team to research and prepare the presentation, delegating tasks according to team roles of Designer, Buyer, Merchandiser and Marketing Manager, and using their team wikis to collaborate and share their research.  The presention combines both primary and secondary research and is peer and tutor reviewed.

– Students use CAD skills to create a storyboard, presenting an improved brand identity for their allocated retailer and a new collection for the forthcoming season.

Summative – 1500 word individual written assignment in three parts, (1) reporting brand identity research findings, (2) reflection of team work process (cross-referenced to relevant supporting evidence from the team wiki) and (3) reflection on CAD skills development and application in product information booklet (cross-referenced to 4 relevant blog entries).

– Students use CAD skills to create a brand/product information booklet

Ideas for adapting
  • Wikis for collaborative teamwork
  • Blogs for independent reflective learning
  • Curriculum Design
Links to Resources     Conference Presentation and Journal Paper learning development websites
Example team wiki from the module: