Current research shows that integrating skills within the subject curriculum leads to more engaged, independent and self-aware learners.  We all have different approaches and models for this, ranging from single, add-on sessions to integrated curriculum design.  This website aims to collect this wide range of perceptions, experiences and practice to inspire learner developers to pursue their own embedding ideas.

The website originates from an Embedding Skills Project at the University of Huddersfield, but has now been adapted and expanded by the Embedding Skills ‘Task and Finish’ group within the ALDinHE Professional Development Working Group to support Learning Developers nationally. An Embedding Skills day at the University of Leicester in June 2012 provided further materials, aimed specifically at Learner Developers, which illustrate different embedding journeys and approaches to building, maintaining and sustaining relationships with subject specialists. Further resources on Progressive Learning Development from a follow-on project at Huddersfield have been included. The resources are organised as follows:

  • The site identifies generic principles and examples of good practice in integrating academic, employability and information literacy skills into the curriculum which promote a holistic view of course design and delivery.
  • A key theme originating from the initial Huddersfield project was how skills should be embedded progressively throughout the degree programme. This led to a further project on Progressive Learning Development, including the capture of student, subject specialist and learner developer voices in five thematic videos.
    Workshop materials are also included for learner developers, who may want to run their own focus groups with subject specialist staff on the topic of progression.
  • At the Embedding Skills Day, learner developers discussed potential Challenges and Solutions to integrating learning development into the curriculum and the responses can be found here.
  • Embedding Journeys encourages reflection upon your own practice.  The section includes videos of learner developers talking about their embedding experiences at three different universities.  There are also downloadable materials to help you work with subject specialist staff to develop your own embedding ideas.
  • Search and browse the Case studies to view examples of how students can be helped to develop necessary skills through innovative curriculum design.  The majority of these case studies are from the University of Huddersfield, but learner developers are encouraged to contribute.  Please download a template here, complete it and e-mail to
We would like your experiences of embedding learning development and feedback on this site.